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Translated resources

This section provides access to patient guidance in a number of community languages. To find all resources in a specific language, please use the submenu on the left.

  • National Referral Mechanism for victims of human trafficking

    Focus on Labour Exploitation, July 2016
    An illustrated guide to support entitlements in the UK National Referral Mechanism for victims of human trafficking.

  • Cancer awareness in the Muslim community: Information sheet

    Anil Gumber, Karen Collins, Mubarak Ismail, Parveen Ali, Abdur Rauf, Sheffield Hallam University, Centre for Health and Social Care Research, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, September 2014
    The leaflet is developed to address cancer knowledge gap amongst Muslim community and produced in three most common languages (Arabic, Somali and...

  • NDCS every deaf child: translated publications language index

    National Deaf Children's Society, October 2012
    Translated deaf resources. National Deaf Children's Society publications which have been translated into several languages including Arabic,...

  • Parkinson's and you

    Parkinson's UK, July 2012
    An introductory guide for people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, and their family and friends. It features the experiences of others in the...

  • How to use the NHS in England

    Fisher, Pip, Black Health Agency, Filmed by Zuma Media, March 2012
    New immigrants may not understand how our health service works. This twelve minute filmclip explains key points, including the importance of :...

  • Hepatitis B and C information website and videos

    Vedio, Dr A, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust, HIT Sheffield, February 2012
    Website translated into Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Slovak and Urdu provides free hepatitis B and C information. The website features fun...

  • How can I get medical help in London?

    Mayor of London, January 2012
    This booklet provides an easy to follow guide to accessing primary health care in the capital. The booklet takes the user through the steps they need...

  • Healthy eating for the South Asian Community

    Diabetes UK, November 2011
    An in-depth guide to eating well with diabetes for South Asian communities.  This resource is available in a number of community languages:...

  • Rheoli’ch angina (Managing your angina)

    British Heart Foundation, July 2011
    This Welsh language booklet is for people with angina or coronary heart disease and their family and friends. It explains what angina is, what causes...

  • Sterilising baby feeding equipment

    The Baby Friendly Initiative, June 2011
    It is very important to keep any equipment used for feeding your baby either formula or breastmilk (such as bottles, teats and breast pumps)...