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Toolkits and guidance

This section provides access to toolkits and guidance to help practitioners better embed race equality in healthcare. The resources are intended to complement the findings within the Better Health briefing collection.

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  • Dementia, equity and rights

    Emma Bingham, Rebecca Stanley,Tessa Gutteridge, Gill Boston, Kat Clayton, Marion Scott, Imogen Blood,Tina Wathern, ace Equality Foundation, Age UK, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Mental health Providers Forum, National Care Forum and Voluntary Organisations Disability Group, The National LGB&T Partnership, Women's Health and Equality Consortium, Young Dementia UK, Race Equality Foundation, May 2016
    As dementia is a term used for a range of different conditions that physically affect the brain and often referred to as an organic brain disease, it...

  • Equality Delivery System for the NHS (EDS2): Guide to Engagement with the Local Voluntary Sector

    Samir Jeraj, Saliha Majeed, Race Equality Foundation, Race Equality Foundation, January 2016
    Race Equality Foundation, in partnership with the LGBT Foundation, Disability Rights UK, and Mens Health Forum were commissioned by NHS England to...

  • Not safe at home? Help and information on domestic abuse

    Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership, January 2015
    This is a leaflet aimed at individuals from an immigrant background who are suffering domestic abuse. It describes domestic abuse, gives examples of...

  • Factsheet: Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

    Tilki, Mary, Irish in Britain, August 2014
    This factsheet provides an introduction to Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA), outlining who is involved in producing them, their purpose, the...

  • Guidance for commissioners of mental health services for people from black and minority ethnic communities

    Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health, July 2014
    This guide has been developed by a group of mental health professionals, people with mental health problems, and carers with expertise and experience...

  • Female Genital Mutilation and Islam

    Forward UK, June 2014
    This leaflet is aimed at Muslim communities and defines Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), highlights the lack of support for the practice in Islamic...

  • Guide to BME cancer resources

    Macmillan Cancer Support, Macmillan Cancer Support, May 2014
    A list of resources about cancer for people affected by cancer that have been translated into other languages, or that have been produced in English...

  • Reducing your risk of stroke: information for South Asian people

    Stroke Association, February 2014
    Stroke can happen to anyone at any time, but if you are South Asian (someone of Bangladeshi, Indian, Sri Lankan or Pakistani origin) you may have a...

  • Alcohol misuse and mental health

    Irish in Britain, January 2014
    Research on alcohol consumption among Irish people shows a complex pattern of use, teetotalism and misuse, with misuse clearly linked to physical and...

  • Cancer awareness

    Irish in Britain, January 2014
    This factsheet looks at the causal factors and implications of the high mortality rates for cancer within the Irish community. Research since the...