Perspectives on ageing in South Asian families

Author: Kaur Nijjar, Manjit

Publisher: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Publication date: January 2012

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This paper explores the experiences and views of South Asian elders and their families living in Wolverhampton, highlighting cultural expectations and the challenges this community faces in terms of ageing and support needs.  The contributors talked about:

  • What facilities are already available, and what older South Asian people think needs to be done or thought about for future services.
  • How the community feel they can be involved in the decision-making process, and how their voices can be heard more clearly.
  • A lack of culturally appropriate services.
  • The pivotal role that family and community plays in the coping processes of Asian elders with high support needs. This is where people draw their strength from. It is particularly important to maintain networks for people living with dementia, as it is difficult for the generations born and raised in the UK to relate to living in the Indian subcontinent.