Access to healthcare for people facing multiple vulnerabilities in health in 26 cities across 11 countries: Report on the social and medical data gathered in 2014 in nine European countries, Turkey and Canada.

Author: Chauvin P, Simonnot N, Vanbiervliet F, Vicart M and Vuillermoz C

Publisher: Doctors of the World – Médecins du monde international network

Publication date: May 2015

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Europe is the cradle of human rights – the range of international texts and State commitments that ensure people’s basic and universal rights is impressive. Yet this report shows how, in practice, these promises too often remain just words rather than effective progress. We want to reiterate, once again, the need for unconditional access to both antenatal care for pregnant women and to essential childhood vaccinations, neither of which are currently universally guaranteed. The 2015 “short European” report is based on 42,534 face-to-face medical and social consultations provided to 23,040 individuals seen in 25 cities in nine European countries and Turkey. The quantitative analyses are supported by case studies and an analysis of the legal framework concerning access to healthcare (both in theory and in practice).