Transition to adult services for people with learning disability from ethnic minority communities

Author: Fisher, Bridget & Humayun, Klwes

Publisher: Black and Minority Ethnic Unit, ARC

Event: Conference: Yes We Can! London, 19 January 2010

Publication date: January 2010



National research has shown the lack of interest paid to ethnicity in children's services for transition planning, and in Partnership Boards in the delivery of services. This is despite evidence that ethnicity and culture are an important part of black and minority ethnic young people's identity. The transition process is complex with many families not aware of the route of transition. Misunderstanding between professionals and minority ethnic families can lead to marginalisation and isolation. Resources such as the Transition Information Network, National Transition Support Team and Move on Up project can assist in effective transitions. Klwes gave a moving account of how he slipped "through the net" for transition planning but got effective support through a community organisation.