NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard Report 2015

Posted on Thu 2 Jun 2016

NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard Report 2015
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In 2015, the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) was introduced to ensure employees from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds have equal access to career opportunities and receive fair treatment in the workplace. The Race Equality Foundation has been part of the strategic advisory group for the WRES, guiding and supporting its develoment. It has now been one year since it came in effect and the first set of baseline data to monitor the implementation of the WRES has now been submitted by all NHS trusts. The data reveals that in comparison to the beliefs of white staff, black and minority ethnic staff:

  • Report more experiences of harassment, bullying, or abuse from staff, especially in community provider and ambulance trusts;
  • Belief less that their trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion;
  • Report more experiences of discrimination at work from a manager, team leader, or other colleague;
  • Report more harrassment, bullying , or abuse from patients in community provider and mental health and learning disability trusts.
In order to improve WRES implementation, more initiatives will be coming up, including simplified data returns. But also, it's important to share repicable good practice and processes. 
You can read the whole WRES Report on the NHS website.