The NHS should ‘recruit for values, educate for knowledge and train for skills’

Posted on Tue 31 Jan 2012

The NHS should ‘recruit for values, educate for knowledge and train for skills’
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The NHS Future Forum has called for a return to ‘values’ in training and recruitment, arguing that a commitment to caring should represent a key element for health practitioners.  Acknowledging that an ‘academised’ approach may lead to a shift in focus from care, compassion and the ability to treat people with dignity, the Forum’s ‘Education and training’ report (external website) also emphasises the benefits of broadening selection and career development in the NHS, “to allow a workforce that is representative of its patients as well as having wider societal benefits in promoting fairness”.  In a response to the report, Ratna Dutt, Chief Executive of the Race Equality Foundation and a member of Future Forum panel, said 'in the past, our Better Health briefings have provided evidence that black and minority ethnic groups may be poorly represented at the top of health and social care.  We welcome this call for wider participation, and hope that support for training and development sees greater opportunities for promotion amongst these groups'.

The NHS Future Forum was established as part of the Government’s ‘listening exercise’ on NHS reform in the UK.  The Forum has recently completed a new phase of consultation, gaining further feedback from patients, service users and professionals on four themes relating to the proposed reform of UK health services (information, integration, education and the role of the NHS in public health).  The Race Equality Foundation will respond to each of the reports over the coming weeks.

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